Best Subwoofer Brand

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Best Subwoofer Brand

Best Subwoofer Brand

If you love to listen to music because it is one way on how relieve your stress and refresh your mind, then you need to make sure that you have the best stereo equipment and the subwoofer with the best subwoofer brand. With the help of these pieces of equipment, your soundtrip moment either at home or in your car will always be very entertaining and relaxing. If you already have a high quality stereo with top of the range features, that would not be enough. Of course, you also need to have the best subwoofers. You may ask yourself why.

Well, subwoofers are designed to make a speaker system sound amazingly incredible. It gives a thumping beat on the base of a home or car stereo, so you will have the best soundtrip experience ever. If you want to ensure that your stereo will sound perfectly incredible, make sure that you choose the best subwoofer brand. But how are you going to find one and what is the best subwoofer brand?
Before you look for the right answer to the questions above, you first need to determine where you are going to use your subwoofer: for home stereo or for car stereo? Actually, this is not a big deal since most of the best subwoofer brands in the market today cater to both the home and car stereo.

So, what is the best subwoofer brand?  

Discover the Best Subwoofer Brand

The following is a list of the best subwoofer brand that you can count on if you want to have a cutting-edge subwoofer either for your home or car stereo as revealed by online reviews:

Best Subwoofer Brands for the Home Stereo:

1#       Sonos <<< 
·         SunfireAtmos <<<
·         D-Box <<<
·         JL Audio <<<
·         REL Acoustics <<<
·         Definitive Technology <<<
·         Paradigm Reference Signature <<<
·         BG Radia <<<
·         Silverline <<<
·         D-Box Technologies <<<
·         Sunfire <<<
·         JL Audio <<<
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Best Subwoofer Brands for the Car Stereo: 

1#        JL Audio <<<
·         Alpine <<<
·         Rockford <<<
·         Kicker <<<
·         JBL <<<
·         MTX <<<
·         Polk <<<
·         Pioneer <<<
·         Boston <<<

If you think that you will already experience satisfaction in buying a subwoofer either for your home or car stereo by simply knowing the best subwoofer brand, think again. Apart from the brand, there are other important things you need to consider in order for you to achieve entertainment satisfaction.

Other Things that Must be Considered Apart from the Best Subwoofer Brand

The following are the things you need to take into consideration when buying the best subwoofer brand of your choice:

Normally, the best subwoofer brand comes in two main types such as active and passive. The former has a built-in amplifier while the latter requires a free channel on the multichannel amp or receiver. The main advantage in having an unused amplifier channel is that it will not get wasted if you will opt to occupy it with a subwoofer. However, subwoofers may draw a high amount of power, so there is a tendency that you might lose dynamic range in the main channels if the best subwoofer brand of your choice shares an amplifier with the main speakers. With the use of an active sub, the dynamic range on the full-range channels will be increased and the system’s performance will be enhanced.  

Musical Pitch
According to experts, another thing that you must consider in purchasing the best subwoofer brand is its musical pitch. Excellent subwoofers will not just shake the room, but reproduce a musical pitch in the bass with fidelity as well. In choosing the best subwoofer brand, this is one of the things you have to consider. Probably, you have never heard a system that performs this well. The subwoofer of your choice must have pedal notes of a piano organ or even the lowest notes on a bass that have defined musical pitches. If your chosen best subwoofer brand has this feature, then it will work perfectly well and meet your needs for supreme satisfaction.  

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The subwoofer’spower is the one that determines the loudness of the stereo’s sound. It can be measured in the root mean squared or peak power. Among the two, the former is considered as the better measure, as it measures the power amount that it can handle in a continuous manner. On the other hand, the latter represents the amount of power that the subwoofer can handle during its peak. However, this number is unreliable, as it does not have the capability in handling this power in a consistent manner.

Size and Sensitivity
Size and sensitivity are greatly related to the power of the bestsubwoofer brand. The higher the rating of sensitivity, the less power is required by the subwoofer in producing loud sounds. Also, the bigger the size of the subwoofer, the greater power it has.

Box and Frequency
Almost all brands of subwoofers have a wide frequency range that can be played on a certain subwoofer. It is said that a frequency having a wider range is better, but more expensive. The sound’s output also depends on the kind of box it is mounted in. Subwoofer enclosures can either be bandpass enclosures or sealed boxes. The former are louder while the latter are better for full and deep sounds, So, it is up to you and your preferences.

Of course, never forget your budget because it will be the ultimate determinant of your choice for the best subwoofer brand.

These are just some of the things you need to know about looking for the best subwooferbrand. Now that you already know the things that must be considered in making a purchase, you will be able to experience a high level of convenience and satisfaction.
If you have already decided to purchase the best subwoofer brand, there is one more thing left for you to decide upon—whether to purchase online or in a local store. It does not matter what you choose as long as you know how to purchase the best subwoofer brand. Hurry, start shopping around for the best subwoofer brand now!